The Twelve Days of Christmas, Day #3: Christmas is . . . Giving

American Girls in Alaska

Hi, Christmas cookies! I hope you’re having a blessed Saturday. Are any of you going to Christmas parties today?

Wait. Did I just say . . . GIVING????

As in . . . A GIVEAWAY???

Oh, yes. Yes I did. It’s time for . . .


I totally wish there was a way to make all caps, all caps. Because that’s how I feel right now!!!

Okay, I’ll skip to the good part. I’m sure you’re all wondering by now what I’m giving away, and not just reading my endless banter. I’ll happily oblige.

I am giving away . . .

Emily’s Holiday Dress!


Emily is standing on our deck railing, and I am hoping she is not going to fall off like Grace fell off a gazebo in Washington.

Back to the giveaway. A quick thing you should know is that this dress is…

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Guess what today is…

Who knows what this means? *Hint: pay attention to the date*   If you guessed the Winter Solstice...     YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   In honor of today, Google has a special doodle!   And, in honor of today, make a hot chocolate and put a cinnamon stick in it or a candy cane! It is officially... Continue Reading →

A new record!

Hey guys! Guess what!?!?!?!? First, this is a scheduled post, so the numbers might not be accurate. But over the past week, I've had one new follower each day! This is awesome! First, to my newest follower, sandsoftime10, thank you! You got me to 23 followers! Let's see if I can hit 30!  

Never Forever | A Poem

Never Forever Always Pressing On Never Showing It's Always Dawn Never Perfection Always Mistaken Never Unloved And Never Forsaken __________________________________ The song 'No Longer Slaves' says, "I'm no longer a slave to fear For I am a Child of God" This is me. This is true. Amen.    


I stare into the Nothingness – take a step and wait For the freefall comes   I start to fall down I feel safer than before Freefall down once more  

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