DIY Duck-Tape Flower Pens

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make a Duck-Tape flower pen!


1-2 kinds of Duck-Tape


Digital Camera

Step 1: Take a piece of Duck-Tape about 5 inches long and wrap it around your pen, but leave enough room for the cap to go on the top and on the bottom of the pen when you write

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Step 2: Take your Duck-Tape and take off a square about 3 inches by 3 inches

Digital Camera

Step 3: Take your square and fold one of the corners into the middle of the square

SUNP0015 (3).JPG

Step 4: (Refer to the picture above for this step) With your new shape, take the corner at the top left and fold it in

Digital Camera(This is your first petal)

Step 5: Take your petal and wrap it around the cap of the pen

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Step 6: Continue putting petals on until your pen is the size you want, then take some Duck-Tape and put it around the base of the petals all the way to the bottom of the cap

Step 7: Take a small piece of Duck-Tape and wrap it around the middle of the pen


Ta-da! Your pen is done! Remember, just because the instructions take a short time to read, that doesn’t mean that the pen takes a short time. At least 20-30 minutes time for the first pen you make. (Unless you’re making a big flower on your pen, then it’ll take 30-40 minutes for the first one you make)



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