Hey everyone! Here is the prologue to the new book I’m starting. I’ll be posting chapters every few weeks. Okay, enough of the commentary! Here we go!

It was dark. The only source of light was the small window, but it provided very little light. It would be dark anyway, since it was still night time. The stars twinkled in the sky, and one star moved farther apart from the others. Suddenly, all the stars scattered. A creature! It was coming! The robed creature unveiled a jewel from its garb. The jewel glistened in the stars, which had returned once again. The creature moved forward, inch by inch, going at the slowest speed. Once it reached the far side of the room, it opened a chest. The stars scattered again. The chest creaked, and opened. The creature hastily dropped the jewel into the chest, and it closed immediately. Faster than it had come, the creature sped out of the room.

The stars did not come back.

How would you rate it? Comment below! 😉


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