Chapter 2: The Diamond Banquet

Since chapter 2 was really long, I’m only posting excerpts from it. (The most important excerpts) Plus, I don’t want you to know all of what is going on in the book! I want to keep you in suspense…


…“Amelia, this is no time for tackling me. I need to summon the Elders for Queen Hailee. She needs them immediately. SO GET OFF OF ME!”

“Okay, Arianna. I’ll get off. But can I get the Elders with you? I mean, I really need to go talk to Adyson, so can I please? Please? PLEASE?”…


…“You can stay here while Amelia and I go get the Elders, okay?”

“Sure! I’ll wait.”…


…Taya gently turned the charm over, and read the inscription engraved into the silver. To Arianna Jade. – A. J. Who was A. J.? Taya placed the necklace on Amelia’s bed and strode out the doorway. But something caught her eye. The necklace had started to glow. It was a very faint light, and barely visible, but it was glowing. Taya reached out her hand to touch the necklace once more…


…Taya looked around at the table, just wondering who everybody was. She was feeling very strange, as if everybody were staring her down. Nobody really was, except for one person.

One person, dressed in black.

One person, looking for someone.

One person, about to change everything…


Keep watch for Chapter 3: A New Legend



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