An Ode to Friends 🤗💗

Here’s a poem that I wrote last night. It’s called ‘An Ode to Friends’. It’s kinda long, but the stanzas are short. It’s just that I wrote a lot of them. Okay, here we go!

People are flowers

on the same vine

When the flowers grow closer

their lives will entwine

They’ll become good friends

Like me & like you

And if they’re always friends,

They will always be true

So never forget

But always remember

These good friends

Who changed your life for the better

These good friends,

Are never forgotten

Because what they did

Was what they did often

They played with the young

They made friends with the old

Their deeds, I might say,

Will always be told

These honorable people

Their lives will entwine

With the people/flowers

That are on the same vine


13 thoughts on “An Ode to Friends 🤗💗

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  1. Hi Olivia. This is Elle. I hacked into your account. jk, I already know the password. THIS IS A EPIC POEM!!! Yayayayaaa! And you are actually looking over my shoulder as I write this and you are laughing hysterically. I just wrote yourn and you cracked uppeee. You should listen to my speech. I think you should. What is your mouse doing right now. It is driving me crazzziieeee. I just hit the slash button and it is also driving me crazy. WHAT IS WITH YOUR KEYBOARD!?!??!?!?!
    I’ll stop now.
    Actually, I won’t.
    Have you read Hunger Games?
    I like Hunger Games.
    Have you read Divergent?
    I like Divergent.
    Have you read Keeper of the Lost Cities?
    I like Keeper of the Lost Cities.

    Right now you are begging me to stop, so I will.

    Just kidding.


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  2. Now I am commenting as myself. xD
    Yah! Gracie is right, Olivia. You could also win first place in a poetry contest with this!!

    Was this inspired by the flowers and vines on your ceiling?

    Liked by 1 person

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