So, I’ve recently taken a liking to poetry and for the past 5 minutes I’ve been writing a type of poem called haiku. It’s a poem with 3 lines. The first one has 5 syllables, the second one has 7 syllables, and the last one has 5 syllables.

Okay, here are the poems!


Blossoming flowers

make me breathe in deep and

smell the beautiful fragrance


Nature and poems

Together make the most

Sweet melody I have heard


Deer leaping over

A wooden fence that has old

Brown paint peeling off


Crickets chirping on

A bright moonlit summer night

Drift me off to sleep


Cool breeze blowing in

A garden with beautiful

Flowers everywhere

Dead leaves fluttering

Down to the ground while I watch

Them land at my feet


6 thoughts on “POETRY!!!

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  1. Tha’ts awesome that your into poetry! A cupcake shop near me recently had a Haiku contest. I would have entered nut we were busy with Easter.

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