A Short Story

Hi! I wrote this story last year for a school assignment, and thought I should post it. I hope ya like it!


As I walked along the sidewalk on a dreary day, droplets of rain clung to my sweatshirt as I hurried along, hunched over, trying to escape the threat of being cold. The rumble of thunder resounded in my ears as my sneakers made little splashes in mud puddles along the way. I could faintly smell coffee, but it was lost in the smell of gasoline from a car speeding by. When rain was falling harder, I reached out my hand to touch it, and when a single drop hit me it felt like a thousand needles were poking my skin. Thunder rumbled again as I started sprinting across the street, hoping that the thunderstorm would stop soon. Lightning struck, and the whole sky lit up like a forest ablaze. Everything went dark once more; the clouds were still gray, there was no hope of the sun shining again. As I opened the dark, wooden door of my house, I could smell cinnamon rolls that had just come out of the oven, and could hear my mom humming in the kitchen. Trudging into the kitchen, I grabbed a cinnamon roll and bit into the warm, sticky morsel; it tasted like a delicate piece of heaven. I glanced out the window, and saw that the dark clouds were moving to reveal the sun, and the rain was starting to cease as the sky turned from a dark shade of gray to a bright blue, the same color that it had been only hours before.


Did you like it?


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