Pictures Perfect Photography Challenge

I’ve come up with this new idea. It’s a ‘Picture Perfect’ photography challenge, where you take 1 or more pictures that go with the ‘topic sentence’ and post them once a week. It might not work as well, but here is an example of a topic sentence:

“Autumn colors bring out the __________ in the __________”

You fill in the blank with your picture. Underneath your picture, you would write the sentence, filling in the blanks with words that describe your picture.

Want to try? Comment below if you have any questions!


P. S.

Here is a sneak peek of a series of blog posts coming next week. 🎃


You can post this image on your blog, and link it to my blog. Please join the fun next week as we explore costume ideas for dolls, crafts, and homemade treats that are sure to take the cake!

I hope you can join me! 🎃😉













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