Dolloween HQ: Upcoming Posts – Day 1



Does your doll not have a costume for Halloween? Do you need ideas? Well, you stopped by at the right place. Here at Dolloween HQ, you will receive plenty of ideas for costumes, Halloween décor, and other crafts and recipes for your doll. Okay, now back to my first question. Let’s answer that by looking in your doll’s closet. Go on now; get your doll and all of her clothes.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Okay, Julie, let’s get you a costume! Digital Camera

Uh, let’s not be Julie from last week. We need something nice for you to wear. And you can’t be Julie from yesterday, either.

Digital Camera


Oh, what’s in this drawer?

Digital Camera

Uh, no. (My camera isn’t of that good quality, so it didn’t capture that the color of these pants are pale yellow)

Digital Camera

Maybe we should save that for pajama day…

Digital Camera

I could be a gymnast!

Digital Camera

Or a ballerina.


{below you will find a list of costumes that I made and tried on Julie}

  1. Pajamas
  2. Leotard
  3. Leotard and tutu
  4. Ballet dress
  5. Greek princess dress

[no dolls were harmed in the making of those costumes]

Okay, do you have any ideas for costumes now? Please comment below if you have ideas, questions, or just want to chat about YOUR doll’s costume.

P. S.

if you have a costume for your doll (that HAS to be hand-made) you can enter your doll into the costume contest over the weekend. I will post the details on Thursday, leaving you with the weekend to make costumes and enter your dolls in over the weekend. Thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it!

P. P. S.

I won’t be judging the contest by who I’m friends with and who I don’t know.


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