Dolloween HQ: Upcoming Posts: Day 3


I know that yesterday’s post was really not written well (that’s what I think). I just didn’t put a lot into making it seem nice. (that’s also what I think) I hope to do better today!

Okay, for today’s post, I am presenting a list of things to do with your doll for Dolloween and at the end (woohoo) I am going to be showing you a DIY costume for your doll. So hang in there, this is going to be a long post.

Here’s the first thing.

  1. Give your doll a pumpkin.

I know it sounds weird, considering how large pumpkins are. I meant a MINI pumpkin. Or a Minnie pumpkin. (Minnie as in Minnie Mouse). You can buy these pumpkins for about 99 cents EACH.


2. Get something for your doll to trick-or-treat with. You can get a purse or something from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Click {here} to see. The purses are about $4.50 or $5.00 each.

3. Find decorations for a Dolloween party! Dollar Tree has things like streamers, candy, and balloons. FOR ONLY $1

4. Remember to get your doll a costume! Right now I will start showing you how to make a DIY mermaid costume for your doll!

Step 1: Take a piece of tulle 54″ long and about a foot wide. This will be your mermaid tail. You will also need another piece of tulle that is about a foot long and 3″ wide. This will be the OTHER part of your mermaid tail.


(All the tulle is on the chair)

Step 2: Get a piece of cloth between 8 and 12 inches long, and between 3-6 inches wide. This will be the top part of the mermaid costume. Take it and tie it around your doll. If it is between 5-6 inches, fold it in half. If it’s 3-4 inches wide, just leave it how it is.


(like so)

Step 3: This is tie fun part! Now take the big piece of tulle and begin wrapping it around your doll’s legs. Not too hard, or she won’t be able to move them.


That is your mermaid costume!

(It isn’t that good. If you want to add extra accessories onto it, then have fun!)

back to my list!

5. Have a Dolloween party. Invite some friends over! Have some fun with your dolls!

6. Make crafts for a party. If you click >>here<< you will find some great slime recipes. If you click |HERE| you will find some great Halloween crafts. And don’t forget to click ~here~ where you can buy (almost) all the things you need to make the slime and crafts.

Well, that wraps it up for my list today. I put more time into it than I did yesterday’s. Please tell your friends to join us on Thursday, when we will be discussing details for the costume contest. Thank you for joining me today! If you didn’t read Sunday’s post or Monday’s post, I would highly encourage you to do so.

What’s your response?

i will gladly do so



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