Day 11

This is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking letter…


January 11, 2017

Dear Abba,

Eleven days have passed since the night we left you at the shore. I miss you. Little Sheela misses you. Ammi doesn’t show it, but she misses you too.

She is so strong. A lot of vigour does not remain in her bones, and her hands shake when she drinks the murky water from the taps. Nevertheless, she works to keep the family going. She made some friends who lost their husbands like her, and they go around the city together, hunting daytime jobs.

She has aged by twenty-two years in these eleven days. Her face is sullen, and she seldom speaks. She is wane with stress and fatigue, and yet, she hardly sleeps at night. But then again, I am not able to sleep either.

I want to help her earn some money, but she refuses each time. “You’re a child,” she says about…

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