Riva’s Poetry

Recently in one of my grammar assignments, I was to diagram one of the poems written by Riva Minska, a young Jewish girl in WWII. Her poetry is so inspiring, so I decided that I should post some. Here are her poems!

camp Mittelsteine, Germany
September 23, 1944
Riva Minska number 55082

when my tormented heart cant take
any more
the grief within rips it apart;
my tears flow freely-they can’t be
i reach for my notebook-my friend
i speak to my friend of my sorrow
i share my anger,my pain
i speak to my friend of tomorrow
of a future well build once again
the pillars i build for the future to
i knock down and build once again
i share all my dreams, share all my hopes
with my friend
share the pain that is filling my heart.

Poem #2: A Message for Mama

A message for Mama.
Blue little clouds, floating so free
Won’t you please carry a message for me
if on your journey you should
happen to see
my mother.

Tired, weary, left all alone
torn from her children
filled with sorrow and pain.
Please, gently touch her
please, gently kiss her
bring her my love.
Tell how I miss her.
Feel her pain, feel her sorrow
please tell her, my friends,
she must live for tomorrow!
If you see her tears,
please wipe them
tell her
soon, soon will come the day
when together again
together again we will be.
A mother, her children—a family
all free!

Mama, dear Mama,
please whisper for me
today will vanish—believe.
Soon your empty arms
your children will fill
the sorrow will turn to joy.
Tomorrow is near
dear Mama, please live!
Be strong
we’ll weather this storm.
We’ll find you, dear Mama
please, do not despair
we will live!
We will live to be free!

These are just two of many inspiring poems by Riva.




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