Dreaming Memories

Yesterday, I read a post on Kaylyn’s World Blog, and it was about a story challenge. I wrote a story, and it’s weird/sad. Read it, and tell me what you think.

“Come on, Anna, let’s go!” “Not too far, remember. That’s what your mom said.” “Just come!”

I pulled my best friend, Anna, onto the ice. It had recently frozen over, and we had spent the last hour drinking apple cider, getting our coats on, and strapping on our ice skates. We had just arrived at the pond, and we were going to try to make a figure-eight. Last year the ice hadn’t been thick enough, and the year before Anna wasn’t able to come. This is the year that we are going to make a best-friend figure-eight!

I glided smoothly onto the ice, with Anna stumbling behind. She skated over about halfway to the other side of the pond, and I started skating toward her. We had made about half of the figure-eight when the ice started to crack underneath me. Anna skidded over to me, just in time to see me going underwater. I plugged my nose, and kicked frantically. The ice-cold water chilled me to the bone, and my ice skates were weighing me down. Anna reached out a hand to help me, and I grasped it. As soon as I touched Anna’s wrist, I had an idea. I let go, and untied my ice skates.

My ice skates, that were weighing me down. My ice skates, that I had bought last year. My ice skates, which cost nearly one hundred dollars.

When I had let go of Anna, she let go of me. I started to sink down further, and thought that nobody would help me. I started to go down deeper, and deeper. Soon I couldn’t see any light. I writhed frantically, but that didn’t get me anywhere.

And I woke up.

I woke up, sweating. My feet were freezing cold, so I burrowed deeper under the covers. “Was that really a dream?” No. It wasn’t. That had actually happened to me. I was soaking wet, and I went to bed wearing my brand-new pajamas. I had another idea. I would check the shoe rack for my ice skates. If they were there, I would know that I had just dreamed. If they weren’t…

I raced over to check.

My skates weren’t there.

I had to have dreamed it. I just have HAD to. If I didn’t, then I would, I would…

I would ask my parents if I went ice-skating yesterday. I rushed into the kitchen, and nearly bumped into my mom, who was fixing breakfast. I asked her what I did yesterday, and she didn’t answer. I asked again. Maybe she didn’t hear me. Soon, I was yelling.

My mom couldn’t hear me.

I walked out of the kitchen, knowing that something was wrong. Suddenly, my baby brother, who had just learned how to walk, rushed through me.

Through me.

What was going on? Everyone was ignoring me! And they acted like they didn’t even hear me, even if they did.

They didn’t hear me.

They couldn’t hear me. If I went ice-skating yesterday, fell through, and nobody was noticing me…

No, I can’t think about that. I can’t be dead. I just can’t.

And then I woke up.

Or did I?


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