A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hey! Welcome back! I have another writing challenge CONTEST for everyone reading this post:

Did you read the title? You might know what this is about, then.

my challenge CONTEST: 

  • choose 5-6 pictures that are inspirational
  • write 500-700 words for each picture
  • combine all the writing that you have done for those pictures into one story
  • post on your blog


Now for the prize…

I will start another page on my blog called ‘BRAGGING RIGHTS GO TO…’

If you win a contest on this blog, then your name and blog button (if you have one) go on there. FOREVER. With your permission, I might post your story. If not, I’ll link it to your blog where you posted it.

the rules: 

  • you must post between December 1st and December 30th
  • you need to put the pictures that inspired you into your post
  • you CANNOT steal things from other stories that you or others have written (your writing has to be 100% original)
  • if you do steal things from other stories, you will be immediately disqualified
  • judging will take place January 1st  – January 5th


I hope you enter!


P. S. There will be other contests.

P. P. S. I will write a story, too, but not enter the contest.


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